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We integrate with the most popular and useful systems for education such as Google Drive, Google Workspace, Office 365, OneDrive, MS Teams, Kaltura, Go1, Zapier, H5P, Zoom, Turnitin, xAPI, and more. We also regularly add new integrations based on user feedback.


We provide an API that allows users to access most of the information in our system, as well as perform actions such as creating accounts, enrolling students, etc. You can use this API to provide a feed of information for use by other systems. You can create custom integrations with third-party systems using our API.

App center

Our App center allows you to enable and disable features based on your organization's needs. Each app is easy to install and configure. Check out our full list of integrations.

SIS sync

Our SIS integration allows users to synchronize data such as accounts, classes, and sessions from your SIS to NEO without any manual intervention. Easily create accounts for all your students with a couple of clicks, and select auto-sync to keep the LMS accounts constantly up-to-date. Automatically create new classes and sessions right before a new semester begins.


We're compliant with the most important industry standards such as LTI, CCF, SMTP, LDAP, SCORM, H5P, and QTI.

NEO acts as our online presence so that teachers and students can truly interact and learn skills that are compliant with a 21st century world and education.
Daniel O'Brien, Media Specialist, GRACE Christian School

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