Pricing for schools and universities

* Pricing is in Euros. Premium plans can be purchased in blocks of 100 students. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. We accept major credit cards, Paypal, and purchase orders/wire transfers for yearly payments. You can change your plan or cancel it at any time, and the change will go into effect on the next billing cycle. Pricing does not include taxes that local laws may require you to pay in addition to our published fees. Yearly billing requires you to purchase 12 months at a time.

Plans for businesses, non-profits, private tutors, professional organizations, and vocational training providers are at MATRIX.

† You don't have to have 500 students in your school to purchase an Enterprise plan; if you have less than 500 students, the extra accounts would simply go unused.

Branded mobile apps
Use our free NEO native apps or have your own branded mobile apps for Android and iOS with a custom logo. The price for a branded native app is €1000 in the first year, then €500 for the following years. This feature is available only for the Enterprise plan.
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SSL on custom URLs
We can host SSL certificates in order for your custom sites to support SSL on all pages. The price for this option is €400/year (we don't provide a monthly payment option since we have a significant up-front installation cost), and we would provide you with your SSL certificate for your NEO custom domain. Because of security concerns, we don't upload a certificate purchased via other means.


The free plan includes the following features:
  • Modern, easy-to-use interface

    Beautiful user interface that looks great on all devices

  • Activity feeds

    Instantly share the latest news, assignments, etc.

  • Classes

    Support for instructor led, self-paced, and blended classes

  • Class templates

    Cookie cutter for classes that are taught many times

  • Content authoring and navigation

    Create rich, engaging lessons without any technical knowledge

  • Rubrics

    Grade assignments quickly and consistently

  • Gradebook

    Fast, reliable gradebook with fills, undo, and much more

  • G Suite integration

    Single sign-on and install our app from the Chrome web store

  • Google Drive integration

    Use files directly from Google Drive. Embed live docs into your lessons

  • OneDrive and OneDrive for Business integration

    Add files directly from Microsoft OneDrive

  • Parent accounts

    Provide parents with accounts to track the progress of their children

  • Mobile

    Customized access via mobile and tablet devices

  • Unlimited storage

    No storage or bandwidth limits

  • Bulk import/export of accounts

    Quickly import/export accounts from a CSV file

  • Trash can

    Restore accidentally deleted classes, lessons, and assignments

  • Display online users

    See online users at the bottom of the left navigation area

  • Beautiful dashboards

    Graphical dashboard for students, teachers, and admins.

  • Six kinds of assignment

    Quizzes, freeform, offline, dropbox, survey, and attendance

  • Quizzes and question banks

    Randomized and timed quizzes, seven types of question, and more

  • Collaboration Tools

    Built-in support for wikis, blogs, chat rooms, groups, and forums

  • Libraries for sharing

    Organize resources for personal use or share them with others

  • Portfolios

    Save and showcase work using our built-in portfolio system

  • Social networking

    Make connections within your academic community

  • Community support

    Post your support questions to other members of the community

  • Four account types

    Student, teacher, administrator and parent accounts

  • Custom logo

    Replace our logo with your own

  • Content synchronization

    Synchronize content changes between classes

  • Badges

    Create and award badges to students to encourage great results

  • Waitlists

    Control access to classes using waitlists

  • User popups

    Hover over a user to learn more or communicate with them

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility features including navigation via keyboard and text-to-voice readers


The individual plan includes the free plan features and adds:
  • Three more assignment types

    Debates, discussions, and team assignments

  • Personalized assignments

    Give assignments to specific students in the class

  • Analytics

    Obtain analytics about students, lessons, and assignments

  • Curricula and proficiencies

    Create your own curricula or use US common core standards

  • Class prerequisites

    Define certificates that must be earned before you can take a class

  • Communications monitoring

    Monitor communications and receive reports of offensive content

  • Click to chat

    Click on an online profile to request a chat session

  • Login history

    Access the login history of a user

  • Event RSVP

    Users can RSVP to events in a calendar

  • Custom color scheme

    Create your own color scheme using our color picker

  • Certificates

    Automatically or manually award certificates of completion

  • Agenda view

    Calendars include a useful agenda view.

  • Mastery grid

    A scrollable grid view of all student mastery scores

  • Printable attendance forms

    Create PDF attendance forms to gather signatures

  • Export attendance data

    Export data in CSV format.

  • QTI

    The standard for import/export of question banks

  • Audio recording

    Record audio directly from a browser

  • Common cartridge format

    The standard for import/export of class content

Small school

The small school plan includes the individual plan features and adds:
  • Technical support

    Access to our support staff

  • More analytics

    Additional analytics such as student activity timelines

  • Customizable terminology

    Customize our site terminology to suit your specific needs

  • More bulk import options

    Import enrollments, teachers, and classes from CSV files

  • Two additional account types

    Teaching assistant and monitor accounts

  • Reporting

    Several useful pre-canned reports, plus report history and scheduled reports

  • Custom account fields

    Extend accounts with their own custom fields

  • Printable PDF certificates

    Customized certificates that students can download

  • Automatic student deactivation

    Set a time limit for completing a class

  • Bulk upload of enrollments and teachers

    Quickly import/export enrollments and teachers from a CSV file


The enterprise plan includes the small school plan features and adds:
  • Customizable portal

    Beautiful portal with full-screen picture carousel

  • Use your own URL

    Access your site using your own custom URL

  • District/Campus support

    Connect schools/colleges into a district/campus

  • LTI

    Integrate Learning tools using the LTI standard

  • Custom LTI assignments

    Add new custom LTI assignments

  • Web conferencing integration

    Integrate web conferencing via widgets and HTML, with calendar-level API integration for GotoMeeting, WebEx and Zoom.US

  • SIS integration

    Synchronize data between your SIS and our LMS

  • Custom CSS

    Customize your site further using CSS

  • Automatic translation

    Translate messages and forum postings automatically

  • One additional account type

    Partial administrator accounts to support reselling under your own brand

  • Plagiarism detection

    Check submissions for potential plagiarism using our Turnitin and Unicheck integration

  • Rules engine

    Create rules within a class such as awarding points and badges based on student actions

  • Gamification

    Students can earn points and badges in a class game and see their progress on the leaderboard

  • Drip content

    Release access to lessons according to a timed schedule

  • Webhooks

    Call external APIs when rules are triggered

  • Video transcoding

    Converts uploaded videos to web-friendly H.264 MP4 format

  • Class ratings and reviews

    Allow students to rate and review classes

  • xAPI support

    Support for the eXperience API


    Seamless support for SCORM modules and SCORM assignments

  • Learning paths

    Enroll students in a set of related classes, establish goals and specify rules for a path

  • Ad-hoc reporting

    Create your own custom reports

  • API

    Easily write programs that access the full power of our platform

  • Video recording

    Record video directly from your browser

  • Prevent simultaneous logins

    Protect against students sharing accounts

  • Use your own email server

    Send and receive messages using your school's email server

  • Session timeouts

    Log users out after a specified period of inactivity

  • E-commerce

    Make money by charging for your classes. Includes an integrated shopping cart and support for bundles, subscriptions, multiple payment gateways, multiple currencies, flexible coupons, and bulk discounts.

  • GoToMeeting

    Easily answer help desk questions from your students

  • Archive students

    Archive graduated students at no cost

  • Equella integration

    Integration with the Equella repository

  • More SSO options

    Office 365, LDAP, SAML, and Custom Single Sign-on

  • Terms and conditions

    Require students to accept your terms and conditions

  • Compliance

    Rich set of features for compliance management

  • Seating charts

    Create seating charts using drag and drop

  • Affiliates

    Create affiliate programs and award commissions

  • Resell under your own brand

    Resell sites to your customers under your own brand

  • Branded mobile apps

    Use our free NEO native apps or have your own branded mobile apps for Android and iOS with a custom logo. The price for a branded native app is €1000 in the first year, then €500 for the following years. This feature is available only for the Enterprise plan.

Plans comparison

This table provides an overview of the features that are included in each pricing plan. For more details on each plan click on the table's headers.




Small school


€ / student / month 0 0.05 0.50 0.60
Modern, easy-to-use interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beautiful dashboards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Class catalog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Class templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content authoring and navigation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Six kinds of assignments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rubrics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gradebook Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activity feeds Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quizzes and question banks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Badges Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max individual file size 30 MB 50 MB 50 MB 1 GB
Message retention 1 month 1 year 1 year 2 years
Notification retention 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month
Feed retention 1 month 1 month 1 month 6 months
Chat retention 1 month 1 month 1 month 6 months
Four account types Yes Yes Yes Yes
Portfolios Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collaboration tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Libraries for sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social networking Yes Yes Yes Yes
G Suite integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom logo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulk import/export accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Class content synchronization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Community support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Drive integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessibility features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trash can Yes Yes Yes Yes
OneDrive and OneDrive for Business integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Three more assignment types   Yes Yes Yes
Personalized assignments   Yes Yes Yes
Analytics   Yes Yes Yes
Curriculum and proficiencies   Yes Yes Yes
Mastery grid   Yes Yes Yes
Class prerequisites   Yes Yes Yes
Certificates   Yes Yes Yes
Communications monitoring   Yes Yes Yes
Click to chat   Yes Yes Yes
Custom color scheme   Yes Yes Yes
Display online users   Yes Yes Yes
More grading options   Yes Yes Yes
Printable attendance forms   Yes Yes Yes
Export attendance data   Yes Yes Yes
User popups   Yes Yes Yes
Login history   Yes Yes Yes
Audio recording   Yes Yes Yes
Common cartridge import/export   Yes Yes Yes
QTI import/export   Yes Yes Yes
Technical support     Yes Yes
Custom account fields     Yes Yes
Customizable terminology     Yes Yes
Reports     Yes Yes
More analytics     Yes Yes
Two more account types     Yes Yes
Automatic student deactivation     Yes Yes
Printable PDF certificates     Yes Yes
More bulk import/export options     Yes Yes
Customizable portal       Yes
Use your own URL       Yes
Use your own email server       Yes
Web conferencing integration       Yes
White labeling       Yes
District/campus support       Yes
E-commerce       Yes
Custom CSS       Yes
SCORM       Yes
LTI       Yes
Custom LTI assignments       Yes
LDAP       Yes
Office 365 single sign-on       Yes
SAML single sign-on       Yes
Custom single sign-on       Yes
API       Yes
Video recording       Yes
Automatic translation       Yes
SIS integration       Yes
One additional account type       Yes
Prevent simultaneous logins       Yes
Session timeouts       Yes
Student help desk       Yes
Turnitin integration       Yes
GoToMeeting integration       Yes
WebEx integration       Yes
Zoom integration       Yes
Rules engine       Yes
Gamification       Yes
Drip content       Yes
Integration with 500+ apps via Zapier       Yes
Learning paths       Yes
E-commerce bundles       Yes
Terms and conditions       Yes
Class ratings and reviews       Yes
E-commerce subscriptions       Yes
Equella integration       Yes
Video transcoding       Yes
Seating charts       Yes
xAPI support       Yes
Compliance management       Yes
Branded mobile apps       Yes
Resell under your own brand       Yes

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