8 Reasons to choose NEO as your LMS

8 Reasons to choose NEO as your LMS

  1. Beautiful and modern user interface

    NEO has a stunning user interface, with a responsive design that looks good on any mobile device, and keeps users happy and engaged.

    Our platform is very user-friendly with a simple pop-out navigation, a graphical class catalog, attractive tile-based dashboards, and downloadable mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

  2. A comprehensive and easy-to-use feature set

    NEO provides the range of functionality you'd expect in a modern LMS, with powerful features, support for industry standards, and integrations with a wide variety of systems including Turnitin, Google Drive, G Suite, LTI, GoToMeeting, and more.

  3. Easily engage and motivate students

    Use gamification to make a class more captivating. Award points and badges based on rules. Students can see their ranking in the class game and a leaderboard with top players.

    Encourage great results by enrolling students in a learning path of related classes.

  4. Create your own curricula and track student progress

    Our curriculum builder allows you to create your own curricula, then align content and assessments with proficiencies to see how well your class covers the curriculum. You can track student progress on a proficiency basis and get a detailed view of how well students are understanding the concepts.

  5. Beautiful, appealing custom portals

    NEO is highly customizable, with just a few simple steps you can have a professional and elegant portal. We offer options for configuring your logo, color scheme, URL, shortcuts, fonts, and site terminology.

    We also offer support for custom CSS and custom HTML.

  6. Students can easily connect using collaboration tools

    Our LMS has built-in support for wikis, blogs, chat rooms, groups, web conferencing, and forums. Users can connect as friends with other users in order to message and exchange resources.

  7. Friendly, professional support staff

    Our support staff is very efficient, helpful, and responds to questions in a timely manner.

    We provide extensive searchable online help, a support forum, a library of how-to videos, getting started guides, student help desk, and rapid online technical support to provide assistance when required.

  8. Best pricing plans suited to your needs

    You can easily adopt an LMS for your school that has a complete set of "power features" and provides great value for money. We offer free and affordable premium versions for "power users" that cover all your e-learning needs.